Ian Duffy

Computing Student

I am currently undertaking a B.Sc. (Bachelor Honours Degree) in Computer Applications at Dublin City University. My interests include web development, virtualization, networking, and system administration.



Apache Software Foundation - Cloudstack

Apache Cloudstack is Open Source software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as highly available, highly scalable Infastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud-computing platform.

My role as a committer involves participating on the developer and user mailing lists to help with development, bug fixes and troubleshooting.

Intern Software Developer


Within PaddyPower I worked on a team that provided internal continuous delivery solutions.

During this internship I completed a Google Summer Of Code Project. This involved extending the Infrastructure as a Service layer provided by Apache Cloudstack to support LDAP authentication.


Coderdojo DCU

CoderDojo is a global collaboration providing free and open learning about technology to young people.

CoderDojo DCU operates every Saturday. My role as a mentor is to assist the attendees with any questions or problems they encounter.

Java Tutor

Dublin City University

During this role in DCU I offered assistance to various first year students doing Java. Along with this I marked their lab work and assignments.

System Administrator

Summerhill College

In Summerhill I help with the maintenance and improvement of Summerhill's computer system on request and when problems arise. I was involved with migrating the computer system from Ubuntu to Windows XP and finally Windows 7. My roles include: Active Directory administration, Software deployment, Web Server administration, WDS administration and Networking.

Within my time in Summerhill College I was exposed to: Windows server, Ubuntu, VMWare ESXi, Serco ePortal and PFsense.

Work Experience

Fastcom Telecom

For Transition year in Summerhill College I went to Fastcom Telecom for work experience. They supply broadband and telephone to people within the North-West of Ireland. I worked along side their Tech Support, the duties involved:

Work Experience

DM Computing

During Transition year in Summerhill College I went to DM Computing. They offer various IT services to business around the Sligo area. This experience was very hands-on; I was given tasks such as virus removal or operating system reinstallation to do by myself. I also assisted some of my colleagues with work they were doing within the office. A big part of the job was shadowing the technicians with on-site work of their client’s computer systems.



Mobile web application that supplies easy access to DCU timetables.

The application is based on AngularJS. It sends a JSON request to our API, our API will return the users timetable if its cached otherwise, it sends a request to DCUs servers for a iCal file which it parses, caches and then returns to the user.

The application can be found on the play store.

Google Summer of Code - Apache Cloudstack

LDAP implementation improvement and user provisioning.

As part of Google Summer of Code I worked with Apache Cloudstack. It is a private cloud management platform. My project involved re-writing the LDAP authentication engine and extending it to support User Provisioning.

The end resulted provided a more effective mechanism to provision users from LDAP into Cloudstack.


Dublin City University

B.Sc. (Bachelor Honours Degree) in Computer Applications

First Class honour for first year.

First Class honour for second year.

First Class honour for first semester of third year.

Summerhill College

Leaving Certificate

I obtained four hundred and twenty points in my leaving certificate.

I took the following subjects: English(H), Maths(O), Business(H), Accounting(H), DCG(H), Construction Studies(H) and LCVP(C).


Grace Ramoorthy,
School of computing,
Dublin City University.

Des Morrow,
DM Computing,
Co. Sligo.

Tommy Mc Manus,
Summerhill College,
Co. Sligo.