Ian Duffy

Computing Student

I am currently undertaking a B.Sc. (Bachelor Honours Degree) in Computer Applications at Dublin City University. My interests include web development, virtualization, networking, and system administration.


Apache PMC Member and Committer

Apache Software Foundation - Cloudstack

Apache Cloudstack is Open Source software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as highly available, highly scalable Infastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud-computing platform.

My role as a PMC member and committer involves participating on mailing lists and ensuring healthy community and product growth.

Cloud DevOps Engineer


Developed a RESTful API using the Spring Framework. This API supplied data to an application deployment service that was responsible for orchestrating and configuring virtual machines.

Developed a client for the RESTful API using AngularJS. This client enabled users to easily define and deploy their services and applications.

Intern Software Developer


Within PaddyPower I worked on a team that provided internal continuous delivery solutions.

During this internship I completed a Google Summer Of Code Project. This involved extending the Infrastructure as a Service layer provided by Apache Cloudstack to support LDAP authentication.

Java Tutor

Dublin City University

During this role in DCU I offered assistance to various first year students doing Java. Along with this I marked their lab work and assignments.

System Administrator

Summerhill College

In Summerhill I help with the maintenance and improvement of schools computer system on request and when problems arise. My responsibilities include: Active Directory administration, Software deployment, Web Server administration, Windows Deployment services administration and general networking.



Mobile web application that supplies easy access to DCU timetables.

The application is based on AngularJS. It sends a JSON request to our API, our API will return the users timetable if its cached otherwise, it sends a request to DCUs servers for a iCal file which it parses, caches and then returns to the user.

The application can be found on the play store.


ec2stack is an EC2 compatibility interface for Apache Cloudstack written in Python. This application allows utilities created for the Amazon EC2 API to be used against Apache Cloudstack. This effectively gives users their own private Amazon EC2-like Infrastructure.

2014 Google Summer of Code - Apache Cloudstack

Automated Cloudstack Environment

As part of Google Summer of Code I worked with Apache Cloudstack. It is a private cloud management platform. My project involved using chef and vagrant to automate the creation of a Cloudstack cloud.

The end resulted provided users with a way to virtualize a full Cloudstack cloud on their machine in a short period of time.


Dublin City University

B.Sc. (Bachelor Honours Degree) in Computer Applications